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Fans can rejoice! Wilson Sporting Goods and the Fan Controlled Football League are joining forces ahead of the inaugural season. You didn’t think we were planning on executing this league with just any old football, did you? As a league that prides itself on creating a real-life video game, it was a no-brainer for us to partner with a brand that not only has been known to provide a top-notch quality product, but one that will help us lean in to the tech side of the game more than some of the other leagues you’ve been hearing about.

We’ll be using the Wilson Connected Football System to help amplify fans’ decision-making power. Its actual game-changing technology provides valuable metrics on player performance. The system tracks Timing (snap to release; snap to target; release time); Throw Quality (spin rate; spiral efficiency), and Arm Strength (throw count; velocity). Like we said, this is an ACTUAL game-changer. The data will be available to all of your FCFL fan scouts after our tryout combines and during the pre-draft training camp and of course during the season. Can you imagine how this is going to impact your game-planning decisions?

So we’ve got this amazing ball partner with insane technology embedded, but what’s this ball going to look like? That’s where we need your help, fans! We’ve launched the vote for the official ball design. Really! You’re going to be watching this ball move A LOT this season, we want to make sure you like what you see. This is only one of many important decisions you have to make ahead of the first snap in June, and we can’t wait to see which design you pick!

Design One
Half Stripe

Design Two
No Stripe

Design Three
Full Stripe

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  1. John F.Gary February 8, 2019

    I like it.

  2. Adam July 10, 2019

    Really love number 3

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