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Let Me See That Playbook

Posted on December 9, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

This had to be one of the most exciting weeks in the NFL, even if some of us at FCFL had to watch our teams suffer heartbreaking losses – but one thing is for sure: Buffalo Bills CB Tre’Davious White getting his hands on the Baltimore Ravens playbook was one of our favorite moments of the week, let alone the whole season. That’s right, the Ravens playbook accidentally blew onto the field, and White was quick to pick it up and look it over – before a referee snatched it from his hands. While we doubt White was able to gain any useful insight from the whole three seconds he had to look through the playbook, the internet was quick to point out White’s actions secured him a spot on the Patriots roster next year. Was this a dirty move on White’s part? Eh, not really. Like we said, unless he has some crazy photographic memory, he likely didn’t learn anything useful to report back to his team. Had he run from refs while flipping the pages, then we’d question his ethics. If anything, he just wanted to provide some entertainment for all the Bills fans that were getting tired of seeing Lamar Jackson run all over their team.

So what if this happened in the Fan Controlled Football League? Well, it needs to be said that fans, players, and coaching staff alike will have a hard time trying to cheat by manipulating votes for a specific play to be called. Between everything happening in REAL time and the fact that each of the four play options presented to the team on offense will be solid choices, it’s not even worth it to attempt stacking the votes. But that being said, would the fans want to see their teams attempt to get a less-than-fair advantage anyways? For the most part, we’re going to say no. We know that our fans will be spending more time focusing their team and less on how to sabotage the competition… but we also know some of our fans are classic internet trolls and would love to try and mess with the other team any chance they get. Especially if the latter is part of the Kinda Funny team, which has already gone on record saying they want to send pizzas in the middle of the night to their opponent’s QB, the night before the game.

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