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FAN Take: Triple Threats

Originally Published February 28, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

FAN Take is a series that highlights trending events, issues, and decisions in the world of sports and analyzes how they may or may not factor into the Fan Controlled Football League. We would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think about each FAN Take!

A lot of the time when you hear someone being referred to as a “triple threat,” the assumption is that they can act, dance, and sing. Which is great and all, but what about those who can ball, act and sing? Or even those who can exceed across multiple sports while also possessing a little something extra? These people are the real triple threats, and its time the world knows it.

There’s two-time Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali who played Division 1 basketball at Saint Mary’s College of California. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was a defensive lineman for the University of Miami before making a name for himself in the WWE and taking Hollywood by storm. And let’s not forget Terry Bradshaw, famous Steeler turned broadcaster/singer/actor, recently reminded the world of his talents on Fox’s The Masked Singer.

So fans, when it comes to drafting players to your team, do you want to know about these extra hidden talents the guys might have? Better yet, when you’re going through their film and interviews, do you want to see these guys showcase their off-field abilities? Do you think these talents could somehow lead to an advantage? Or do you want to leave all of that to the side, focusing only on what their hard stats are? Let us know!

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