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ESPN Calls It: Saints and Chargers in Super Bowl LIV

Posted on September 3, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

Well, not ‘officially.’ Prior to the start of each NFL season, ESPN simulates the outcomes of all 267 games – about 20,000 times. But in the only version they posted, the prediction shows the New Orleans Saints facing off against the Los Angeles Chargers in Super Bowl LIV – with the Saints securing their second Super Bowl win a decade after the first, 40-33. A battle between the past and present of Drew Brees would likely be a dominant theme floating around the news, should this prediction come to fruition. This is definitely not the Super Bowl match-up we were envisioning, but it also wasn’t the only surprise in this simulation. Here are a few of the biggest upsets we didn’t see coming:

  • Carolina Panthers beating the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1
  • Kansas City Chiefs losing to the Oakland Raiders in Week 2
  • Miami Dolphins winning in Week 8 over the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Houston Texans completely shutting out the Indianapolis Colts in Week 12
  • The Tennessee Titans actually making it to the playoffs over the Cleveland Browns

ESPN must have *some* faith in this simulation, if this was the one they chose to publish. So, it stands to reason that maybe some of the fans out there who haven’t done their fantasy football draft or got started on their suicide league predictions should spend some time reading what ESPN put together. Maybe they should even reference some of these storylines each week as they determine their lineup. One thing is for certain – we can absolutely imagine members of our Virtual Front Office (VFO) putting together something similar ahead of our inaugural season, after the first-ever fan-run draft has been completed!

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