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Crime and Punishment

Posted on November 18, 2019

By Annalece Anhalt-Slaughter

We’ve stayed silent on the infamous Myles Garrett-Mason Rudolph fight during Thursday Night Football – but that ends now. For anyone that decided to ‘un-plug’ for the last few days, you missed A LOT. Just before the Browns were able to pull out a win on Thursday, Myles Garrett ripped the helmet off Steelers QB Mason Rudolph, then used it as weapon to hit Rudolph in the head, only for the Steelers O-line to then go after Garrett. It was ugly and completely unnecessary. You can see just how bad it was below, but something to note is that it looks an awful lot like Rudolph tried to pull Garrett’s helmet first. We have to admit, we previously wondered why the Browns’ logo is a helmet, but it makes a lot of sense now 😏

Since the hit, the NFL has suspended the Defensive End indefinitely, with a minimum of the remainder of the season. Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey got a three-game suspension for rushing to Rudolph’s defense and Browns DT Larry Ogunjobi received a one-game suspension for shoving Rudolph to the ground. In addition to all these suspensions, each team was fined $250,00, which we somehow don’t think either team will miss. Plenty of people are calling for Garrett to receive a lifetime ban from the league, with others demanding some kind of punishment be doled out to Rudolph for his part in the fight.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Do we think the fans thought the punishments were fair? No. We get the feeling that our fans are the ones who would be calling for Rudolph to catch some heat. We also think the fans would increase the fines placed on the two teams and maybe pull the suspension for Ogunjobi since he wasn’t the only one jumping in to the fight. But how would the fans handle everything if this were happening in the FCFL? We think they would vote to pull Garrett and Rudolph from their respective rosters, placing them back in the reserve pool of players, only to be brought back in if every other player is injured. We don’t think they’d call for any kind of fines on the teams (hey, we don’t have NFL money!!), but we do think they’d find a way to troll the guilty players. Maybe making them sit in a corner on game day with dunce caps on? We can make predictions on how the fans would handle this situation all day, but we want to hear from them! Let us know what you’d do – there are no wrong answers!

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