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How To Spend $600k In Three Days

Last week, following a work out with the team on Monday, Dez Bryant signed a one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints. Fans seemed to have mixed reactions, but for the most part were happy to bring in another receiver target for Drew Brees. Given that the regular season is already well underway, he received a pro-rated amount of $1.25M, just over the veteran minimum salary.

This was Wednesday. By the end of practice on Friday, it was reported that Bryant had a torn Achilles and his season with the Saints ended before it ever really started. Fans of the team were less than pleased, and memes immediately cropped up all over the Internet. His new teammates, including Mark Ingram (RB), Alvin Kamara (RB) and Michael Thomas (WR), all paid homage to him in Sunday’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals by throwing up the X following their respective touchdowns – Dez’s signature move in the end zone.

How would the fans react to the news of their recent pick up being out for the season? Would they immediately move on to the next best available free agent? Or would they take it as a sign to leave well enough alone, especially if their team already had a solid line up? We think the fans would go the route of the former and quickly move on from the anguish they may initially feel from news of a season-ending injury. At the end of the day, our fans want to do whatever they can to help their team win, so there isn’t much time for them to wallow or be superstitious. 

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